Must Watch YouTube: Casey Neistat

When I first got hooked on YouTube as a teenager, I was never a big fan of vlogs. I thought the content was forced, editing was lacked, and videography didn’t have vision. Turns out, I just wasn’t exploring the right channels for my vlogs. In other words, YouTube’s infamous algorithm failed me. I was missing out on channels like Casey Neistat.

Casey completely changed the concept of vlogging for me. He started adding daily vlogs to his channel in 2015, and as of March 10th, 2020, he has uploaded 490 vlogs. Though he did not remain consistent about posting daily, the content and quality of the 490 makes up for it. So much so that he currently has 11.9 million subscribers. If I’m not mistaken, he was one of the forerunners in starting the vlogging trend we now see attempted all over YouTube. Personally, he has created my favorite vlogs BY FAR.

By nature, Casey is a filmmaker, and a highly talented award-winning one at that. Along with his vlogs and personal videos on his channel, he also creates high quality advertisements for high-end companies, like the CLA project for Mercedes Benz back in 2013.

Because of his background, experience, and talent in videography and filmmaking, his vlogs excel at providing intriguing content, flawless editing, and pristine videography. Many of his daily vlogs are simple as he takes us along for a day in his life — from work to runs, Booster board rides, and family time. Casey doesn’t have to force anything to provide great content.

His Infectious Personality & Mindset

Instead of having to force content, Casey’s infectious and refreshing personality is enough to keep viewers engaged. Casey has shown viewers his personality through his inspirational outlook on life and ambitious mindset about hard work — so ambitious that viewers rarely see Casey take a day off. In fact, he especially loves “Lazy Sundays,” but not for the lazy reason most Americans do. Casey loves Sundays because as most people spend the day off away from the office, he gets the most work done.

“if you don’t show up for work on Saturday, don’t bother showing up for work on Sunday. Sunday is by far my favorite day in the office. Its the one day of the week where the blood suckers and medleys and time wasters aren’t in their offices emailing and calling you and wasting your time. It’s the one day of the week where you can really get work done.”

Casey Neistat, “Hold a GoPro in your Teeth

In watching his vlogs over the past 5 years, it doesn’t seem like this work grind mindset originated once he started YouTube; though I do think it’s one of the reasons he’s garnished so much success. Before YouTube, Casey was a high school dropout who ran away from home at just 15. He then worked as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant trying to make ends meet and provide for his unborn son. When he was just 20, he moved to New York City with little money and prospects where he bounced around low-end housing situations. But with hard work and a will to succeed, Casey made it in NYC. In one of my favorite Casey Neistat videos, he draws his life:

Though he still loves NYC, Casey has since moved to LA. Don’t be mistaken: he still relentlessly builds his career. However, we have seen a refreshing shift in his priorities. In NYC, Casey seemed to always put his career first. In LA, his family is at the top of his priority list.

His Family

It would honestly feel wrong to talk about Casey Neistat’s channel without mentioning Candice Pool and Casey’s 3 kids: Owen, Francine, and Georgie. Owen’s in college, Francine is 5, and Georgie is 1. Candice Pool is Francine and Georgie’s mother, owner of jewelry company “Billy!”, and Casey’s wife. Don’t let her different last name fool you, they are legally married. As Candice has mentioned in the vlogs, she is simply too lazy to fill out the paperwork — I love her. Some of my favorite Casey Neistat vlog moments feature Candice. She is completely unfazed by the success and fame, though at times, she hates the camera and is not shy about it — I love her. Through her no-fucks given attitude, amazing sense of humor, and upfront honesty, she has become and remains a fan favorite through the course of Casey’s long YouTube career.

Casey’s inclusion of his family and relationship with Candice is one of my favorite parts about his channel. And not just because I love Candice, because I do, but because the journey of Casey and Candice’s relationship. Over the years, the two have proven to be the most honest and real representation of a relationship I have ever seen on the Internet. Normally, couples, especially on YouTube, make their relationships seem perfect with endless PDA, constant romance, zero conflict, and more utter bullshit. Real life doesn’t work like this. Casey and Candice never presented this type of bullshit. Since day 1, they’ve been real and honest. They have openly discussed their problems as a couple and have even openly talked about their numerous break-ups over the years (as you can watch in his video “My Girlfriend Candice“). Casey and Candice are REAL couple goals. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Casey is not only providing entertaining vlogs and inspirational content but also honest, real life content. He provides the truth about relationships and the struggle to balance work and life — topics other YouTubers seem to hesitate over.

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