14 Songs Celebrating Moms

Photo Jon Tyson.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Here’s a list of songs celebrating moms. Songs for those of you who have good relationships with their mothers, and some for those who may have troubled relationships with their mothers…but all of them showing moms some love.

Daniyel- “MOM”

Right out of the gate the song starts with “Oh mama, I love you like no other. You were there when I was under.”

The song truly fits for anyone whose mom was there for them through it all.

“You gave me wings, You numbed my pain. My mama.”

Daniyel also specifically references that his mom played the roles as mother and father while you were growing up.

[ ℗ 2020 COR/TAN RECORDS. ]

Mac Miller (with Phonte)- “I’ll Be There”

“…my mom’s told me I could do anything. Said she’d be there forever, no matter what’s the weather. She’d always have my back even when we weren’t together.”

Mac makes us check ourselves, to not take our moms for granted, and to thank her for all she’s done:

“If you have your moms, you better treat her right. Call her up, say ‘Wassup?’ before you sleep tonight. Tell her you love her and thank her for what she did.”

“I just hope she know I love her, the world’s best mother….I’ma take care of her in her gray hair”

[ ℗ 2016 Rostrum Records, LLC. ]

Kanye West- “Hey Mama”

Moms tell us how proud they are of us. We need to tell our moms how proud we are of them:

“Hey mama, I want to scream so loud for you. ‘Cause I’m so proud of you…”

Kanye also recalls personal moments between his mom and him. But, the themes are pretty universal. He raps about his mom making him soup, working late nights to support him, and buying him toys.

Even when Kanye didn’t take his mom’s advice, she still supported him.

“My momma told me go to school, get your doctorate…But still supported me when I did the opposite.”

[ ℗ UMG Recordings, Inc. ]

Meghan Trainor (featuring Kelli Trainor)- “Mom”

Meghan Trainor’s dedication to her mom is extremely universal. She doesn’t dig deep into her specific experiences with her mom, making the song extremely relatable to those with great relationships with their moms.

The song’s chorus sings:

“…ain’t nobody got a mom like mine. Her love’s ’til the end, she’s my best friend. Ain’t nobody got a mom like mine.”

I could truly quote the entire song. To sum it up, Trainor references her mom’s unconditional love, her mom’s ability to make her feel better when she’s sad, and how her mom taught her about self-love.

[ ℗ 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. ]

The Lonely Island- “Mama”

The Lonely Island is known for their comedic musical albums and performances. However, they open this track with:

“This one goes out from the bottom of our hearts to the most important lady in our lives. It’s time to pay some respect. I hope you proud of us cause we’re proud of you.”

They do joke about respecting their moms using comedic dialogue within the track. One minute they’re singing about all the amazing things their moms do for them and the next they’re screaming at their mom to get out of their room. This sometimes sweet and sometimes comedic track is a call-out to those who aren’t always respectful to their moms.

[ ℗ 2011 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. ]

Kacey Musgraves- “Mother”

This song is especially for those who miss their mom, and who may live far away from their mom like Kacey does.

“Wish we didn’t live so far from each other. I’m just sitting here thinking ’bout the time that’s slipping and missing my mother.”

Kacey sings about missing her mom, and how her mom is probably missing her own mom too.

“…And [mom’s] probably sitting there, thinking ’bout the time that’s slipping and missing her mother.”

Kacey’s heartfelt song about her own mother is a reminder for us to appreciate our mothers more while we can because time is slipping.

[ ℗ A MCA Nashville Release; ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc. ]

Clean Bandit (featuring Sean Paul, Anne-Marie)- “Rockabye”

Clean Bandit’s collaboration song details the efforts and sacrifices a mother will make to provide a better life for her child.

Anne-Marie sings the chorus from the perspective of the mother singing to her child:

“no one’s ever gonna hurt you, love. I’m gonna give you all of my love. Nobody matters like you. She tells him your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life. You’re gonna grow and have a good life. I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do.”

The song is especially dedicated to “all the single mums out there going through frustration.”

Sean Paul gives special shoutouts to single moms:

“Single mom…facing the hard life without no fear. Just see and know that you really care ’cause any obstacle come you well prepared.”

To all the single moms out there, you’re truly incredible humans.

[ ℗ 2016 Atlantic Records UK, a Warner Music Group company. ]

Jon Bellion (featuring Quincy Jones)- “Mah’s Joint”

“Mah’s Joint” is an incredibly personal song for Bellion and his family. He tells the story of his mother taking care of his grandmother who suffers from memory loss:

“When my mother was a mother to her mom”

As our mothers take care of us, we take care of them. Bellion recounts the ways his mother cared for her mother in her time of need in order to keep her happy and comfortable:

“…There’s a house she doesn’t know that you take care of. There’s a light she doesn’t know that you keep on. There’s a sorry that you faked to keep her happy when she thinks she hasn’t seen you in so long. There are things that she’s not able to remember…”

At the end, he not only dedicates the song to the mom’s who are here physically, but also those who are spiritually (because although his grandmother may not physically seem there with them, she is in spirit):

“For the mothers who are with us physically…We doin’ it for our mama’s mama’s mama. Give it up y’all for the mothers…Tell your mama you love her…For the mothers who are with us spiritually.”

[ ℗ 2018 Capitol Records, LLC. ]

The Swon Brothers- “Mommas”

“Mommas” is an extremely relatable, very sweet song dedicated to mommas. The Swon Brothers give their mom the credit she deserves:

“Now I’m a better man that’s better off because of who she is.”

The Brothers also call all of us kids out for not calling our moms enough despite all the incredible things they’ve done for us:

“we don’t call ’em enough, love ’em enough but we’d all be lost without them. We don’t thank ’em enough, hug ’em enough even when they move our mountains. They’ll pick you up and dust you off and catch the tears if they start fallin’. You better love ’em while you got ’em.”

[ ℗ 2020 TSB Records. ]

Jhené Aiko (with Namiko Love)- “Sing To Me”

“Sing To Me” is an utterly adorable duet between Jhene Aiko and her daughter, Nami, who was 9 years old at the time of the song.

Each time Nami sings:

“Mommy sing to me, sing to me…”, Jhené responds with “I love you.”

And each time Jhené sings:

“Nami sing to me, sing to me…”, Nami responds with “I love you.”

In this track, you get to see motherhood from the perspective of the mom, as Jhené sings:

“Namiko did you know that you used to live in my tummy? Namiko did you know I’m in love with being your mommy?”

And together they sing:

“…You are my world, my favorite girl…”

An incredibly adorable mother/daughter relationship portrayed in a sweet duet.

[ ℗ 2017 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. ]

2Pac- “Dear Mama”

In the beginning of this legendary 2Pac song, he admits his mom and him did not always have a great relationship. But despite their difficulties, the bond between them was always there.

“When I was young me and my mama had beef. Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets. Though back at the time, I never thought I’d see her face, ain’t a woman alive that could take my mama’s place”

2Pac expresses the guilt he feels for the pain he may have caused his mom:

“When things went wrong we’d blame mama. I reminisce on the stress I caused, it was hell hugging on my mama from a jail cell.”

He also acknowledges that being a single mother to a boy while also trying to make ends meet as a mother aren’t easy tasks. He appreciates his mom for doing both:

“For a woman it ain’t easy trying to raise a man. You always was committed. A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it. There’s no way I can pay you back. But the plan is to show you that I understand, you are appreciated.”

And the song gets even sweeter toward the end as he reminisces on the happy memories he appreciates because of the efforts and sacrifices made by his mom.

[ ℗ 1995 Interscope Records. ]

Lauv- “Tell My Mama”

As Lauv is thinking about all of his friends who are dying too young, he needs to take the time to apologize to his mom while he still can.

“…if something weird’s happening to me, could someone please tell my mama that I love her and I’m sorry for the pain. Sorry for the pain that I caused her when I was younger, all the stress I put her under.”

For anyone out there who may have strained relationships with their moms on days like today, I ask you to strongly consider reaching out. My relationship with my mom hasn’t always been perfect, but I know that life is far too short to spend it holding a grudge against the woman who raised me. Obviously, I don’t know your situation so don’t feel like you have to, but please consider.

[ ℗ 2020 Lauv under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc. ]

J. Cole- “Apparently”

Though “Apparently” isn’t a song solely dedicated to moms, J. Cole addresses mistakes he made when he was younger regarding his relationship with his mother and the changes he needs to make to appreciate the relationship more today.

“I’m sorry that I left you there to deal with that alone…how could I be so selfish, I know I can be so selfish?”

“I need to treat you better…Wish you could live forever, so we could spend more time together. I love you momma.”

[ ℗ 2014 Roc Nation LLC. ]

Eminem (with Nate Ruess)- “Headlights”

Details of Eminem’s relationship with his mom are well-known across the world because of songs like “Cleaning’ Out My Closet” (to name one) where he unleashed all the pain and anger he felt due to his mother’s actions while he was growing up. “Headlights” is Eminem’s public apology to his mother.

“I’m sorry mama for ‘Cleaning Out My Closet,’ at the time I was angry rightfully maybe so, never meant that far to take it though. ‘Cause now I know it’s not your fault, and I’m not making jokes. That song I no longer play at shows and I cringe every time it’s on the radio…But ma, I forgive you, so does Nathan yo. All you did, all you said, you did your best to raise us both.”

He regrets how he acted towards his mom, especially since she was dealing with undiagnosed mental illnesses during his upbringing:

“That’s then I realized you were sick and it wasn’t fixable or changeable and to this day we remained estranged and I hate it though, but [Nate Ruess]: I guess we are who we are.”

Arguments can be made for how poorly both Eminem and his mother acted during his upbringing and all of the time that has passed since then. Despite the obvious conflict between them, he still wants to thank his mom for all that she’s done for him while he still has the chance:

“I’m mad I didn’t get the chance to thank you for being my Mom and my Dad. So Mom, please accept this as a tribute. I wrote this on the jet. I guess I had to get this off my chest, I hope I get the chance to lay it before I’m dead…I hope you get this message that I’ll always love you from afar.”

Some kids are best friends with their mom, and some hardly speak to their mom. But in the end, even the most estranged mother/child relationships could deserve some “I love you.”

[ ℗ 2013 Aftermath Records. ]

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